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Are you a hunter, angler, hiker, ATVer, camper, nature lover, bird watcher or just someone who enjoys the beauty, serenity and  peacefulness of Ontario’s lakes and pristine forests?

Did you know that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MNRF) is treating you and all Ontario tax-payers as second-class citizens when it comes to enjoying our own forests and lakes?

Have you noticed on Crown lands that belong to all of us, how many bridges and culverts are removed after forestry operations are completed; large berms are built; more and more bush
roads are closed every year and gates are erected with “No Trespassing” signs posted on roads leading to well-stocked lakes?

The MNRF has closed off over 2,000 of our best fishing lakes, as well as thousands of square kilometers of pristine Crown lands for the sole benefit of the influential and lucrative remote tourist industry and their paying guests. “Locals” are NOT allowed, by pain of heavy fines for “trespassing” on our own Crown Lands using forest roads paid for by Ontario taxpayers. And it gets worse every year.

Of course, the MNRF will reply that all these lakes and lands are “accessible” to the public – all you have to do is WALK in, from 3 Kms to 50 Kms or more, CARRYING all your gear, food and equipment. In other words, it’s not really accessible -unless you are a paying guest at one of the lodges that these lakes are reserved for.

Are you willing to tolerate being treated as second class citizen on our own public lands? Do you want to join a movement that has been fighting for our rights to have equal public access to our God given lakes and forest? Let’s do this for us and for our children and their children. Enough is enough. 

Please send $20 for a single membership or $25 for a family membership to:

Be sure to include your name so we know who is joining us!

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