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OntORA Values and Views on Public Access


  • Eliminate and remove all signs and gates restricting equal public access to the general public.

  • Eliminate all buffer zones.

  • Eliminate the decommissioning of roads built on public lands after logging operations are completed, as currently obligated under the Forestry Act, including the 378 parks under Lands for Life but excluding Provincial Parks.

  • Allow the maintenance of existing trails and the use of trappers’ trails by the general public on all Crown lands, including the 378 Parks under Lands for Life, but excluding Provincial Parks.

  • Remove the prohibitions against the cutting of new trails for Off-Road vehicles, including the 378 Parks created under the Land for Life project, but excluding Provincial Parks.

  • Remove all prohibitions against boat caches, except for Provincial parks.

  • Eliminate the requirements for landing permits for float or ski equipped, privately-owned planes on any and all Ontario water bodies, including Provincial parks.

  • Delete any mention of “traditional” access, as the term is confusing and has different definitions to different groups.

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