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Letter to Premier Ford re: closure of Provincial Campgrounds

To: Premier Doug Ford

From: John Kallio President OntORA

Date: March 9, 2024

Dear Premier Ford:

In 2020 your government closed 10 provincial parks that allowed the people of Ontario

to camp and enjoy these facilities. Today you cannot access them. Shoals provincial

park has excellent Walleye fishing, swimming and camping and yet there is no access

into the park.

As you know many campgrounds last year where full and campers were limited to the

time they could camp.

In the Sault/Wawa area we are asking you to re-open Shoals, Obatanga and Kenny

Lake campgrounds. Kenny Lake and Obatanga is on HWY 17 and gives access to those

travelling on the TransCanada Hwy. Shoals is located on HWY 101.

The MNRF continues to face job cuts and services. We are asking you to restore funds

to the MNRF as the economy is in much better shape.

In May of 2018 you sent a letter to the OFAH Executive Director Angelo Lombardo

criticizing the Wynne Liberals for cutting funding to the MNRF.

You also stated that you would focus on investing in the priorities that matter to the

people of Ontario.

Premier Ford please open up these wonderful parks so that the residents and tourists

can enjoy these wonderful campgrounds.


John Kallio

President of the Ontario Outdoor Recreational Association (OntORA)

.cc Minister of Environment Andrea Khanjin, MPP Ross Romano


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